Mission Statement

Trillium Resource limited is committed to the following Code Of Professional Conduct:

  • To communicate effectively with clients in order to determine their specific needs. Included in this effective communication is an earnest effort to listen carefully to the client in order to tailor investigations to specific needs.

  • Return telephone calls are made to clients within one business day and they are apprised of significant developments in their matters as they occur. To keep appoints on time and treat the client’s time as being as valuable as our own.

  • To work with clients in a team environment with each of us having clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

  • To educate clients in respect to the legalities of investigations in order that we may execute mutually agreed upon strategies to bring matters to a successful conclusion.

  • To use technology to work efficiently and keep clients fees down.

  • To work only on issues that are directly pertinent to the matter and investigate ancillary issues only when they show a reasonable probability of impacting the result.

  • To set realistic deadlines and to meet them. To call clients before deadlines to inform them when circumstances prevent us from meeting the deadline and to set a new deadline.

  • To establish mentoring relationships with knowledgeable people to enhance our skills and information.

  • To read constantly to update ourselves in the law and new innovative investigative strategies.

  • To consider feelings as well as facts in all investigations in which we are involved.

  • To reassure our clients by taking some of the mystery out of the investigation process.